Rakvere Theatre now has a great new cinema, which is located on the ancient walls of the carriage house.


The founders and key people of Revin have been builders for several generations. The passion for construction works, which has been passed on from fathers to sons, has made Revin Group one of the biggest construction companies in Virumaa. The opportunity to change the home neighbourhood and make the whole of Estonia more beautiful through high-quality and long-lasting building stock take us further towards even bigger challenges. Recognitions such as "Concrete Building of the Year" or just the gratitude of people for an insulated apartment building, make us happy and inspire us to go to work every morning.


We believe that the whole process has to be full of anticipation for the contracting entity, not a constant headache. Over the years we have moved from smaller sites to bigger ones, and we have learnt to take responsibility, which is entailed in our work. Our houses are not built by lawyers. We can proudly say that all of our sites have been completed on time and without any penalties. Today we are able to build quite challenging and vital facilities such as the Rakvere Hospital.


Today's construction companies have to meet high standards. We are one of the few builders of Virumaa who have ISO certificates regarding the management system, conservation of the environment and work environment, as well as licences for the construction, supervision and renovation of objects protected under heritage conservation.

All works


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General contracting of construction works and project management
We will handle all tasks and obligations related to the completion of the object. We are the responsible party from the beginnig to the end of the project.
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Reconstruction of apartment buildings
We will carry out measurements, develop a solution, price, coordinate with the city and perform the constructional part.
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Renovation works for objects protected under heritage conservation
We are familiar with the procedural rules, materials and work techniques that are necessary for the worthy restoration of historical objects.
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General construction and special works
We will gladly perform general construction works or challenging special works, which require particular in-depth professional knowledge.
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We will turn ideas into thorough documentation which allows us to price, coordinate and perform required construction works.
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Construction supervision
As experts in the construction field, we help owners monitor both the documentation as well as the adherence of the construction process to requirements and deadlines.


Revin Group mainly deals with general contracting. We consider our greatest strength to be the thoughtful management of the entire construction process, which gives peace of mind to the contracting entity as well as saves money due to the avoidance of errors. Our extensive outsourcing network includes long-term partners who we can trust in general construction and special works. This is why we are Revin Group, not just Revin.